What I want for Christmas

1. iPad - At a starting price of $499 USD its not that shabby. Look at all the features. They are pretty sweet if i say so myself.

2. iPhone 4 - The look of these are enough to make you want to go out now and buy one. A sleek finish with the combination of an iPod, phone, gaming device, web browser and more all in one. Nice. Starting price $199 USD. In my opinion thats pretty cheap for what you get.

3. Samsung 3D TV - Technology is improving everyday and Samsung are up there with their new 3D TV. I got to say the only down part is having to wear those glasses. Looks pretty good to me

4. Xbox 360 Kinect - I guess Christmas already came cause I've already got it and wow... Kinect is revolutionary. The games are just starting to flow in and the ones I've played are incredible. To wrap it up, its going to be hard to top at this rate.