Top 5


1. Skate 3 - Crazy game. Amazing graphics with and endless amount of options weather it is creating a park, perfecting your tricks or just exploring the city. This is a game for everyone. New map packs have been bursting out bringing a new edge to the game. Highly recommend this game and all the others in the series if your looking for something new. Buy online at or in your local gaming store. 10/10

2. C.O.D Black Ops - Yes yes, we all knew it would end up here somewhere. This game is stunning with extremely good graphics, a thrilling campaign and amazing multiplayer. Go onto their site and the first thing that will come up is the new 5 maps. Look incredible, can't wait to get my hands on it :). Theater mode is sweet. This is where you can look at previous games you've played, change the camera angles, slow mo it and upload it to your computer and publish it to youtube. This game is a must have in my opinion. 10/10

3. Red Dead Redemption - One of my personal favorites. This game delivers on everything, gameplay, graphics, multiplayer, and the list goes on. Rockstar games have yet perfected another one of their amazing games. Takes place in the wild west where you play as Sam Marsden. Not to go into detail buts its pretty much a western shooter. To those out there who haven't got it, get it.
Its worth everything. Range of missions, one of the biggest maps I've played on, incredible physics and how the character voices fit perfectly to the look of the person. 10/10

4. Halo Reach - Yes this is an xbox 360 only game so I will make it up to all the PS3 fans in the next review. This game is stunning. Crazy graphics with an intense campaign, multiplayer and forge mode not to mention anything else. This game is packed full of new things. I would recommend this game to everyone. 10/10

5. Killzone 3 - I don't have a PS3 so in theory I can't do the best job on this review but I have heard a lot about and it sounds very exciting. Developed by Guerrilla Games. Something about this game fascinated me, it is playable on a 3D T.V and the new PlayStation Move. The graphics are incredible and look so realistic. I am considering getting a PS3 just for this game. 10/10


1: Black Ops
2: Halo Reach
3: Red Dead Redemption
4: Skate 3
5: Killzone 3